I Want to Talk About What is SEO and its Indicators

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important component in the world of digital marketing. If you have a particular blog or website, of course you want traffic to increase, right? Well this is where the role of SEO.

SEO is a series of techniques carried out so that websites are easily found by information seekers through search engines (search engines), especially Google.

Meanwhile, according to Kent (2006) in Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, SEO is a technique to get a profitable position in search engines that match the keywords that are on the website page.

From these two meanings, it can be concluded that SEO is related to efforts to optimize a website so that it appears on the front page or top ranking of search results. In this way, the web or blog will be visited frequently.

SEO Indicator

1. URL Structure

2. Domain Security

3. Content Topic

The more content that discusses a particular topic, the more likely it is to appear in the first ranking of search results for that topic.

4. Search Intent

For example, when typing the keyword ‘Apple’ on Google, what appears on the top page is a technology company with the Apple brand, not Apple.

This is because there are more users who search for the technology company when typing in the keyword Apple, not Apple fruit.

Therefore, before creating content, adjust it with the search intent.

5. Content Structure

Meta tags consist of title tags and meta descriptions. The title tag is the title that appears in search results. Try not to make the title too long. Meanwhile a meta description is a short description that describes the content, usually consisting of 120–130 characters.

I like to talk about this topic the most. About link building strategies. Maybe, because I work in a link building service provider company in Indonesia .

Backlinks are links posted on other websites that point to your website. The more backlinks to your website, Google will consider the site popular. Because it gets referrals from many other sites. Then automatically, the site is considered an authority and has high credibility.

Google will promote sites that have authority and credibility in the best ranking search engine results pages (SERPs).

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8. Website Speed

So, whatever it is possible to improve the user experience for the better, it is the most important SEO factor.

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